What Is A Non-Exclusive Beat?

Please read terms and conditions

What file formats do you offer?

Only Mp3

How much are custom beats?

Custom beats are not offered at this time, But i’m always open for negotiating.

Do you offer music services?

Yes, I do offer collaborations, but I gotta feel the music and the artist. If im not feeling it, no price tag can make me work with that artist or producer.

Do you rap on the beats you sell?

The beats on tonyyenz.com have songs written to them by me, but for my personal use only. I do this to every beat ive ever made to test the beat to see how well it would perform under fire.

Will you sell the exclusive rights to a leased song?

Exclusive Rights to Non-Exclusive Beats are negotiable

Do I have to agree to the terms?

No, you do not have to agree to the terms, but it is a requirement before purchase. Please make sure you understand what your agreeing to before purchasing. You do not own the beat, you own a license to use it up to 3ooo copies.

Can I pay with cryptocurrency?

Yes you can pay with cryptocurrency, Im only accepting dogecoin as of now, but if you have a preferred coin let me know and I will get an address for it.

Can I get a refund?

No Refunds on digital purchases, you will receive the beat you purchased, so make sure its the one you want before purchasing.